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Benefits of Going to The Park

Mental Focus
Physical Wellness
Mental Health
Social Connection
Sleep Quality

Who We Are

Who We Are


from active park-goers

“Building healthier habits, such as improving your diet, increasing natural movement and increasing connectivity to our environment will improve overall, long-term health. Simply stepping outside can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.”

“Our weather invites outside activity, yet almost half of Monterey County residents don’t get enough exercise. Collaborating with health care providers and clinics to refer patients to a utilize open spaces for natural movement is a meaningful way to improve health outcomes.”

“I enjoyed when I got to walk alone and hear the sound the birds were making, the sound of the wind through the leaves in the trees and plants. The beautiful view I could enjoy in silence.”

“I enjoy walking outside and admiring nature, the parks, the flowers. Walking is crucial for managing type 2 diabetes as it helps lower my blood sugar levels and boosts my energy throughout the day.”

“Here are two reasons why I like the park. One, you can get fresh air and exercise. Two, you can take nature walks and it’s free!”

“As a physician, I’m very concerned with the increased number of children with pre-diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety and addiction to social media. Research suggests that these children can benefit significantly from outdoor education programs to combat health problems. This is even more important for my patients, farmworker families in east Salinas, who have decreased access to the outdoors.”

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